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What are grades?

A few words about the topic of discussion

Grading is a classification or ordering.

The essence of the grading system is to distribute positions in accordance with the value for the company, combine positions into grades and assign fixed salaries to each grade.

To make a grade allocation, all positions are analyzed using the same set of criteria. For example, the complexity of the work, the level of independence and responsibility.

Such a system is considered a quality motivation tool. The applicant clearly sees what options for development he or she has, and the current employee understands what skills he or she needs for the next promotion. Grades are considered a transparent mechanism for increasing both position and salary. If you know your grade is up, you can go to your supervisor and ask for a raise.

Knowing what skills match what grade in your company, or in the company where you dream of finding a job, you can develop those skills yourself, or with the help of courses.

Some companies make an individual employee development plan and they see exactly where they are going.

How to determine your grade

To begin with, every company has its own system and it is not always possible to find out about it “from the outside” without being on staff. Each company has its own technology, values and plans, so somewhere you can qualify for the maximum salary with your experience and skills, and somewhere you can hardly make it to the average.

On the other hand, you do not want to study everything for the sake of “getting your finger in the sky” – to match your dream company one day.

We have put together an average table of grades, with conditional division into professional levels. Try to determine what level your skills correspond to.

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