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Our founding team combines deep technical expertise and a passion for innovation. Iuliia, our visionary CEO, blends her extensive background in IT and education, fostering a strong foundation for our platform.  United by a shared love for our product and a commitment to excellence, we are driven to see our project soar, bringing transformative learning solutions to the forefront of the industry.

Iuliia Gorshkova

CEO (developer, teacher)

Drives vision, strategy, and growth initiative

Pavel Salovskii

AI Technical lead

Directs AI project management and technical architecture

Andrei Semeniuk

Chief Data Scientist

Leads Gen-AI and Big Data application development

Highlighting Key Successes and Innovations in Our Journey

Project Milestones: Achievements from October 2023 to May 2024


B2B clients paid us €9,000 for five customized micro-courses we developed for them


We have conducted research and surveys on our research platform and received feedback from 574 individuals.


Over 1,500 people from various countries have signed up to our smart platform’s waiting list.


More than 300 individuals have completed training on our platform, with over 3,000 people trained in total using our methodology across various platforms