About Us

Create Your Career

GradeBuilder create courses for building a career in IT. Our courses are based on the grades of global technology companies. We do micro-lessons so that students can combine the knowledge they need. Our courses help people with different professional levels – each course is a brick in your career.

What you see now is the MVP of our project, a working prototype. The courses are in closed access. 

We have ambitious plans, which we plan to implement in the near future.

Our Plans and Ambitions

Our team of founders includes: two creators of successful IT courses, an entrepreneur, a financier, a programmer. We have enough skills to start a startup from scratch.

Grade Builder is an international IT learning platform with subscription-based microcourses in different languages, based on a person-centered, yet technology-driven, approach. The platform will automatically create a curriculum for the needs of a student or an IT company (and will change if priorities change). Grade Builder helps students productively learn the skills needed in their profession with a virtual AI mentor.

Our social responsibility and initiative

We partner with Women in Tech and help women build careers in IT.
We are also very interested in developing social initiatives in the following areas:

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an identity-driven company that enhances traditional education with teaching methods and formats such as small fragment and task-based learning through a fully automated platform with tests and knowledge verification.

We want to start with teaching QA engineers and after scale the platform to all STEM disciplines, giving students equal access to state-of-the-art, standards-compliant courses and resources at the forefront of industry and learning.

The Grade Builder is a big data-driven, personalized, alternative IT education platform for both aspiring students and professional development.
The second development priority of Grade Builder is to engage with government agencies and help improve computer science education so that it exists alongside literacy and numeracy as a core skill that runs through all education trajectories.


The problems

What we want to fix

  • Students pay a lot of money for courses where they don’t need most of the information
  • Students don’t know exactly what they need to learn, buy a course, and drop it when they realize they’re not interested.
  • Students don’t know exactly what they need to study to get the profession they want or don’t know what to study to get a new grade and raise at work
  • Students can’t choose a profession because they don’t know much about professions in IT and have little idea what exactly they will be interested in.
  • Students don’t have the opportunity to get practice working as part of a team
  • Teachers spend a lot of time checking homework.
  • Teachers don’t see the big picture about the student, and can’t do comprehensive tests online to make recommendations.
  • Teachers don’t see the point of online group lessons, but see the benefit of mentoring consultations at the student’s request.
  • IT companies need specialists who have the skills for their personal technology stack, but many companies don’t have the resources to teach these technologies to potential employees, and to train their own employees on new technologies.
  • IT companies want to test employees before interviews, but not everyone has the ability to do an online technology test.
  • There is a global shortage of skilled workers in IT, according to studies, by 2030 Europe may face a shortage of up to 700,000 skilled IT professionals (according to official statistics there is currently a shortage of 270,000 professionals). 
  • Universities are ready to do online programs, but not all have the technical ability to make training platforms for their students.

The Solutions

How we want to fix it

  • Students pay an inexpensive monthly subscription that can always be terminated
  • Students choose courses, start taking them, and if they see a course they’re not interested in, quickly change to another
  • Students take surveys and get personal recommendations on what profession is right for them, or how to increase their salary, what courses they need to take to do so (it’s like a puzzle, but you only get the pieces you’re missing, not the whole set)
  • Students can create an appointment with a mentor (teacher) if they have problems while learning. At the same time, the mentor, before the consultation, can see the progress of the student and understand the problem. The appointment form will be added next to the lesson.
  • The platform itself will check homework (including the student’s programming code and all technical tasks).
  • The platform will enable students of different specialties to organize themselves into a group and work on creating a product to gain practical experience
  • At the request of an IT company, create a course based on the company’s needs and customize this course.
  • On request of an IT company, to create tests for potential employees.
  • At the request of an IT company to give access to the test results of all students (if the student gives permission, it will go on the list available to employers), in order to invite the best ones for an interview.
  • At the request of universities, customize the platform for online learning and give this platform “for hire” to the university
  • With a total staff shortage, women make up only 23% of the workforce in ICT, so we want to promote programs to attract women in technology (together with European foundations and NGOs).

We believe in ourselves and in technology

We believe that technology makes our world a better place, and we believe that we make people’s lives better.

That’s why we’re committed to helping people gain new skills and understand the ever-evolving digital landscape. With our courses, you’ll be able to learn at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re looking to start a new career or simply stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends, we’ve got you covered. 

Our Partners

We cooperate with PractiQA, a Kazakhstani educational project, in the creation of curricula. PractiQA.kz

Together with the Women in Tech project, we run free educational programs for women’s careers.