What to write in the resume to please the employer?

Have you sent 200 resumes and not received a single response? It may be necessary to correct the resume a little before sending the next hundred. 

If you’re looking to please employers with your resume, it’s important to make sure that what you write is relevant and tailored specifically for the job. But how do you know what to include? Here are a few tips on writing a resume that will have potential employers wanting more:

1. Highlight Your Skills – Showcase any skills or experiences related to the position in question by using keywords from the job description. This shows employers that not only are you qualified, but also knowledgeable about their requirements and expectations of someone in this role. 

2. Quantify Your Achievements – Add numbers where possible! It’s one thing saying “I improved customer satisfaction ratings” but another entirely when adding details such as “I increased customer satisfaction ratings by 20% within 6 months.” Employers want tangible evidence of your achievements so be sure to add measurable results wherever possible! 

3. Keep It Concise – Be concise when describing past roles and responsibilities; no employer wants an essay-length list detailing every task completed over two years ago! Focus instead on key accomplishments which demonstrate why you’re suitable for this particular role – anything else can be discussed at interview stage if necessary..


4. Be Honest & Accurate- Don’t embellish or exaggerate facts; honesty is always best policy so stick with what’s true even if it doesn’t sound quite as impressive as something made up would have been!. Finally, check everything twice before submitting – typos may seem small but they could cost dearly in terms of getting noticed (or worse still…not!)

5. Use special programs to create and check your resume. If artificial intelligence is replacing recruiters, let it help you build your resume!