Top 5 IT Professions in Spain: Which One to Choose in 2023?

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These days, you don’t necessarily need a university degree to land a well-paying and prestigious job. Online education is taking the world by storm, offering opportunities to become a professional in a variety of interesting fields. So if you’re still on the fence about IT, now’s your chance!

1. Software Developer

Think of them as modern-day wizards, only instead of spells, you have code. The demand is sky-high, and the average salary is pretty impressive too. What’s more, you can work from anywhere. Heck, you could even work from a beach bar in Malaga!

2. Data Scientist

These are like the alchemists of today, turning data into gold for companies. If you love numbers and analytics, this one’s for you. Yes, there’s a lot of learning involved, but every coin has two sides, right?

3. Tester

Testers are like elite food tasters, but for code. They find bugs and help fix them. If you enjoy spotting “bugs” and “traps,” and you have an eye for detail, this path is for you.

4. DevOps Engineer

DevOps serves as a bridge between developers and system administrators. This job is for those who want to be a “one-man band” and handle multiple tasks. There’s plenty of work, and the perks (read: money and benefits) are pretty good too.

5. UX/UI Designer

If you’ve always known how to make an app or a website more user-friendly and beautiful, this one’s for you. This job is for creative minds who want to make the world of interfaces better and, of course, prettier.

So, the choice is yours! And don’t forget, the GradeBuilder platform for IT education will be expanding its range of basic free courses in the near future. This allows you to dip your toes into various IT professions before making your final decision. 🚀